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Redistricting Reform



The League of Women Voters of Indiana, with active support from local Leagues, has lead the fight for redistricting reform and is a member of the Indiana Coalition for Redistricting Reform. The South Bend Area League has engaged in education and advocay related to redistricting reform and will continue to the efforts.

The problem:  The General Assembly draws the district maps every 10 years after the federal census and legislatures draw maps for political advantage -- creating unfair electoral advantage for the majority party. The result? No competition and dismal voter turrnout. In 2014, 44 out of 100 candidates for the Indiana House and 10 of 25 candidates for the Indiana Senate had no opponents.

Please use these resources to learn more about the need for Redistricting Reform, and check back often for updates and plans for future work.

LWV of Indiana Redistricting Page

Common Cause Indiana

Common Cause Redistricting Information