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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.
Don't miss:
October 17 - Redistricting Committee at State House
October 26 - LWV Annual Friend-Raiser
No Lunch with the League in November due to the Veteran's Day Holiday. Please honor veterans by attending one of many local events.

Compare local, state and national candidates side-by-side at this one-stop resource. Helpful election information, too.


Candidate events sponsored by LWV South Bend Area and The American Democracy Project and Political Science Club of IU South Bend.

Indiana Senate Candidate Debates
Meet the candidates at a reception following this live event.
Wednesday, October 19th, 6:30 to 8:00pm

Education and Arts Bldg, Room 1011 (1002 Esther St., Free parking)
The event will feature back-to-back debates featuring candidates running in Districts 10 and 8.
District 10 - David Niezgodski (D), Gerard Arthus (L)
District 8 - Mike Bohacek (R), Maxine Spenner (D)


South Bend School Board Candidate Forum
October 10, 6:30 to 8:30pm
At Large: John Anella, Jasmine Brown, Cory Gathright, David James, Annette Malone, Jeannette McCullough, Karl Nichols, Maritza Robles
District 3: Scott Siler, Leslie Wesley<
Co-Sponsored by the School of Education
Watch the recorded South Bend School Board forum

U.S. House Candidate Debate - Indiana District 2
October 11, 6:30 to 8:00pm
Participants: Ron Cenkush (L), Lynn Coleman (D)
Watch the recorded U.S. House District 2 forum

Indiana House Candidate Debates
Wednesday, October 12, 6:30 to 8:30pm

Three Debates:
District 7 - Justin Chupp (R), Joe Taylor (D), James Gillen (L)
Watch the recorded District 7 debate
District 8 - Ryan Dvorak (D), Dick Pfeil (R), No Candidate (L)
Watch the recorded District 8 debate
District 21 -Jodi Buoscio (D), Ethan Legg (L), Tim Wesco (R)
Watch the recorded District 21 debate

LWV Annual Friend-Raiser - October 26, 6:00-8:00pm - Join Us!

2016 Friend-Raiser Invitation

Redistricting Reform Study Commitee Files Final Report

"From LWV Indiana:"

The Special Interim Committee on Redistricting Reform The Special Interim Committee on Redistricting will have its final meeting on Monday, Oct. 17 at 1pm in the House Chambers at the Statehouse.

At this meeting, the members will vote on a draft proposal to send to the full General Assembly. This meeting is your LAST opportunity to shape the committee's proposal.

We need your help contacting the committee chair, Rep. Jerry Torr, with our concerns.

The final draft report of the committee can be found here.

While this draft is better than what we currently have, it needs improvement. The good news is that Chairman Torr has said he is open to amendments being adopted at the meeting next week.

Will you contact Rep. Torr, thank him for his hard work, and ask that he give fair consideration to the concerns of the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting?

We are concerned about university presidents having nominating authority. Because our public universities are dependent on the General Assembly for funding, they can't be considered independent of the legislature.

We are also concerned that the draft includes no process for the public to apply for commission membership.

The draft is also very weak in terms of transparency and public participation.

The commission should have a website that makes all of its meetings and materials easily accessible and should also function as the site for Hoosiers to design and submit maps for Commission consideration.

We also certainly hope you can attend the hearing on the 17th!

Committee Contacts, Announcements, Agendas
Contact your Legislators

Meeting location: State House, 200 W. Washington St., House Chamber, Indianapolis.

What's it all about? Please read and share this brochure:

Redistricting Reform for Indiana

If printing in black and white, please print this version:
Redistricting Reform for Indiana

Reform Recommendations of Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting

Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting Makes Its Recommendations

On September 19, the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting, of which the LWVIN is a co-founding member, presented its recommendations to the Special Interim Study Committee on Redistricting. Key recommendations include:

  • Indiana should establish a citizen-led redistricting commission every 10 years consisting of 9 members: 3 Republican, 3 Democrat, and 3 unaffiliated.
  • All Hoosiers are eligible, but must apply for service.
  • Qualified candidates should be selected by lottery with efforts made to reflect the racial, ethnic, gender and geographic diversity of the state.
  • Redistricting criteria: Districts must be substantially equal in population, contiguous,comply with the U.S. Voting Rights Act, when possible they should not divide communities of interest, and the home addresses of incumbent elected officials should not be considered.
  • Recommendations by the commission should require an affirmative vote of at least 6 members and are subject to legislative approval.
  • Legislative changes, however, can not exceed 2% of the total population of a district and must be accompanied by a narrative explanation.

For more information on Redistricting Reform, visit LWV Indiana

Half-Price Student Membership

Join the League! LWV South Bend Area now offers a student membership rate of $25.00! A student is defined as an individual who is enrolled either full or part-time in an accredited institution.

Consider a gift student membership - you will be opening the door to lifetime of Making Democracy Work.

Did you know . . . The LWV South Bend Area

★ Visits area high schools to register voters - 1077 in 2012!
★ Registers new voters at schools and local events
★ Sponsors candidate debates and forums before every election
★ Organized and cosponsored B Green to Save Green, an environmental education program for low-income families
★ Hosts Lunch with the League, a monthly public event featuring a talk by local leaders, followed by discussion
★ Provides voter information at the community events such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration and Michiana Monologues
★ Sponsors public forums on topics of community interest such as the Property Tax Cap Constitutional Amendment, Redistricting, and Economic Development in our area

Want to learn more? Contact us at today.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm at St Joseph County Public Library, Main Street, Downtown South Bend. Free Parking. Guests are welcome.